Its a simple Practitioner's System

Health Data Comes in all sizes in your pocket.

Med365 Practitioner’s system allows practitioners to focus on delivering excellent care to patients. Designed for long-term patient-provider relationship Med365’s easily accessible EHR includes the following tasks:

  • Anytime ,anywhere 24x7 web access, mobile app and device support
  • Patient Information Management (SMS and Emails alerts for appointments, invoices, healthcare information assistance. etc)
  • Offering loyally benefits to patients engaging them in a long term patient-provider relationship; attract prospective patients into their facility
  • Web listing and support : Patients can Search and contact a doctor using our web search engine, an EMR Mobile APP.
  • Managing patient’s vitals’ as structured data that can be easily extracted and analyzed for quality reports
  • Viewing business data and revenue collection, appointments in smart ,configurable graphs on doctor’s dashboard
  • Order, perform and analyse laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic images and procedures
  • Provides overall care for patients and prescribe and administer treatments, medications and other remedial measures
  • Provides pre-natal and post-natal care with or without visits.
  • Viewing tracking and modifying patient visits, clinical diagnostics and orders/invoices.
  • Identifying, uploading and maintaining a patient vitals, test reports.
  • Seamless billing system.
  • Call Center Support and HealthCRM to retain existing clients and to connect to new clients.
  • Refer patients to other medical specialists and exchange relevant medical details.