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A common solution to the above stated problems would be to use computers for the obvious advantages of data management, storage and faster retrieval. reatment decisions are still often made based on the expertise or the knowledge in a doctor's head, without any outside reference or support of any kind of decision tools.

HealthCare Secure Cloud: Information System

Med365: Would be deployed at a secure cloud environment with our partner (A fortune 100 cloud hosting provider). With servers remotely placed around the world, providing a host of features such as no upfront investment.

Private Cloud: Patient Information Centre

With Private Cloud: Patient Information Centre, it opens up the prospect of patients’ digitized health information—medical histories, scan images, blood types, allergies etc—accessible via secure authentication to people authorized by the patient. Faster and global retrieval of data is possible by Cloud Solutions.

About Med365

With MED365, we believe that the benefits of EHR should not remain confined only to bigger organizations. A solo practitioner should in fact also be able to reap the advantages of the ubiquitous “Health IT” and as such, ConfigAWare Business Consultancy along with Nextel Systems has come up with Practitioner’s EHR System, MED365. This solo practitioner’s system is a cloud-based EHR, which means there is no cost associated with hardware or software installation and the only cost is a monthly fee. It offers a stable next generation Omni-channel platform for ease-of-use to end users. It is designed to both web-based and offers a touch screen user interface. With an EHR system, it is possible to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information about patients at the point of care, quick access to patient records, securely sharing electronic information with patients and other providers etc. MED365 coordinates Electronic Medical Records, Personal Health Records, Order Tracking, Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Emails etc. MED365 provides smart features that allows a provider to create track patients’ vital parameters, view their past visits and track test reports and past medical history, view, track and modify orders, review and offer loyalty benefits, intelligent dashboard and much more. For a solo practitioner, it is necessary that multiple people in the office accessing a particular record at the same time, for instance test reports of a particular patient can be uploaded by an external lab while the provider runs some diagnosis on that same patient-all viewing the same patient in different locations, a feature we support.

One reason doctors in solo practices might be opposed to implementing EHR technology is the fear of losing the face-to-face patient bond, and instead end up spending more time in front of a computer. With an iPad-native EHR, physicians are able to chart at the point of care, while still focusing on the patient. While we understand that the needs of one practitioner may differ from that of other, MED365 has been designed in a flexible manner to tailor the needs of each practitioner. As your business grows, we will continue to tune in with your clinical and business systems.

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